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Examination of teeth and gums

- Teeth are examined for any color changes, cavitations, softness, cracks and/or fractures

- Gum (gingiva) is checked for swelling, recession, color change, bleeding and pockets

Evaluation of existing fillings and dentures

- Your old fllings will be checked for color change, gap between the tooth and the flling, crack or fracture of the flling or the tooth, and decay on the flled tooth.

- Old dentures will be checked for color change, sours and ulcers below the denture.

- Old crowns and bridges are checked for gum infection, gap between the crown and the tooth, over hang and open contact.

X-rays (radiographs)

- Our clinics are equipped with digital X-ray machines (with minimum radiation exposure) including periapical X-ray, OPG, and Cephalometric X-ray.

- X-ray helps in the diagnosis and treatment planning of many dental problems such as oral surgery, orthodontics, root canal treatment, pediatric dentistry and implants.

Intraoral mouth camera

The intraoral camera makes the diagnosis clearer, at the same time it lets you see inside your mouth the same way your dentist do.

Pulp vitality test

- To evaluate the tooth health status by checking itís response to pressure, cold, heat and/ or electric pulse stimuli .

- Tooth response vary according to the health status of the pulp. Pulp tests can confirm the need for dental intervention such as root canals , fillings or tooth extraction.

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