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Ultrasonic Cleaning and polishing

- The ultrasonic Scaler is a safe and relatvely painless devise, it is highly effective in removing dental plaque and calculus both above and below the gum without damaging the teeth..

- Plaque free is essential for maintaining healthy n sound tooth, Gum and bone.

Air Flow Polishing

Air Flow is a devise that removes polishes teeth using compressed air, water and polishing powder. It is Ideal for removing plaque and smoking and co*ee stains .

Advantages of Air Flow Polishing:

- Very effective in removing stains specially in interproximal areas and grooves and fissures.

- Faster, painless and non invasive compared to conventional Scaling.

- Reduced teeth sensitivity and no heat or vibration generated.

- Safe on Dental Implant, veneers, Crown and bridges.

Root Planing

Root Planing is a deep cleaning below the gum line, can be conven%onal or surgical.Root planing remove the plaque from deep pockets and help in gum rea;achment to the root Surface preven%ng tooth and bone loss caused by Gum disease..