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Oral surgery



Extraction of erupted teeth/roots

This is the removal of a tooth or retained root from its socket in the bone.

Surgical Extraction

Surgical removal of impacted teeth most commonly the wisdom tooth.Removal of retain fractured roots embedded in the bone.Removal of Ankylosed teeth


It is a surgical procedure to remove chronic infection at the tip of the tooth root. The cyst or abscess is removed, area cleaned and the tip of the root is $lled to allow the growth of damaged bone.

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

When the gum does not have a nice shape it can be modified surgically to improve the appearance of your gum and teeth.

Treatment of tongue tie

Tongue tie can impair speech, swallowing and other functions of the tongue.

Treatment of pericoronitis

icoronitis can result in pain, difficulty opening , fever, halitosis and swelling.